Legal Business Support Center was founded in 2010 , and it specializes in legal support of business. Lawyers and Attorneys companies provide a wide range of legal services in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine.

Why you should choose us?
  1. We appreciate success and hate to lose more than, than the rest.
  2. We provide a full range of legal services on legal support of business, including consulting on various branches of law and representation of clients in courts.
  3. Our every client has its Managing Associate, which conducts its business from start to finish.
  4. Prices services are inclusive of a full cycle of works, including (if necessary) state fee. It is final and includes all types of work for this type of uslug.U we have the opportunity of differentiated payment services, ie you pay in advance 50% the cost of services, the remaining amount you pay after getting your hands on all the documents ready.

The company is also a member of the Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine.

We know, how to achieve the goal!