Legal support of investment projects

Legal support of investment projects "from scratch" and investments in existing facilities (Greenfield & Brownfield Investments)

Legal support of investment projects "from scratch" (green field investments):

  • Choose the region from the standpoint of the most favorable investment climate
  • Analysis of local legislation and steps to minimize future tax burden
  • legal due diligence (legal due diligence) status selected to accommodate investment projects site
  • Preparation of investment projects of contracts, protocol of intentions with the regional and local authorities
  • Settlement of corporate issues (the creation of a legal entity, preparation of corporate documents, hiring staff matters, etc.)
  • Legal support of the acquisition of the chosen site (legal support of the transaction, participation in negotiations on the acquisition of the site conditions)
  • Participation in the preparation of project documentation
  • Registration of title to the construction of buildings or construction in progress
  • Consultations on the import of equipment, including as a contribution to the charter capital (legal support of the customs duty and VAT procedures to receive benefits)
  • Legal assistance post- (environmental issues, product certification, dispute settlement, insurance, tax issues, further legal support of financial and economic activity of investors and others.)
  • Participation in the development of project documentation in compliance with the requirements of the regional and local urban planning and land legislation
  • Consultations during the construction phase


Legal support of investment projects in existing facilities (brown field investments):

  • due diligence (legal due diligence) the legal status of the acquired assets to identify risks, related to their acquisition: stocks / shares of the company, immovable property, including land, rights to intellectual activity results (trademark, patent and so forth.)
  • due diligence (legal due diligence) the possibility of changing the existing legal status of the asset from the point of view of the further realization of the idea of ​​the investor
  • Legal support of acquisition of the asset, including the preparation of contracts concluded projects, representation in state bodies
  • Forecasting and analysis of commercial risks after the acquisition of an asset, development of measures to minimize the risks, analysis and assessment of the tax consequences of the transaction
  • Consultations on the selection model of contractual customer relationships and its counterparties (cooperative activity, investment, project financing, franchise agreement).
  • The settlement of land relations (lease and sublease of municipal land to private companies)
  • Representing the interests of investors in local government for obtaining a building permit
  • Getting all provided by the law permits and approvals in architecture and urban planning authorities, including orders for the production of earthworks
  • Representing investors in government.