Resolution on the outdoor advertising

Coordination of outdoor advertising - advertising permission, registration signage

You need to obtain a permit for outdoor advertising, harmonize the passport information signs, or to issue the necessary permits for various advertising structures in the shortest possible time? We are happy to assist you in this task in Kyiv region!

This service includes receiving a package of necessary permits and provide highly skilled legal assistance in all matters, relating to the harmonization of the outdoor advertising.

We are ready as quickly as possible to help you solve issues, связанных с регистрацией ”проблемных” рекламных конструкций. С нами Вы сможете получить разрешения на различные технически сложные рекламные конструкции.

We guarantee the shortest possible time registration of complex signage and obtaining permits for outdoor advertising.

A passport information signs:

cost of from 5 000 UAH
Turnaround time to 14 days
Validity in perpetuity

Obtaining a permit for outdoor advertising (advertising signs, light boxes, bïgbordı, trollı, firewall, pillars, roof installations and so forth.):

cost of from 9 000 UAH
Turnaround time to 30 days
Validity 5 years

Possible price correction depending on the area, сложности и т.д. Свяжитесь с нашими специалистами, and we will help you in the shortest time to reconcile your sign or advertising structure.


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