Mergers and acquisitions

Lawyers practice mergers and acquisitions Law Center have extensive experience in advising on issues in this area, ready to fulfill the most unusual and complex problems, the resolution of unusual and extraordinary legal situations, creation of favorable conditions for the efficient operation of companies, functioning and prosperity of your business.We provide a wide range of services in this area:

  • Advice and support of transactions of different complexity for the purchase and sale of business / assets, structuring and support of M&A, representing the interests of both the buyer, and Seller

This direction includes conducting due diligence of the acquired / disposed business / asset, development options for its sale and purchase, assessment of the implications of the chosen method of purchase and sale of business / asset, document preparation, required for transactions, as well as direct support of the process of concluding.

  • Protection from hostile takeovers

In this area the lawyers of the legal center to assess the existing system of management of the company / holding company and its assets, if necessary, will offer options for changing the existing management system, taking into account the characteristics and specifics of your business, and, if necessary, carry out a full range of measures to protect your business / assets, including in the judiciary and law enforcement agencies.

  • Provision of services in the field of legal audit of legal entities

The said direction was established to provide clients with objective information about the business and the company, including risk assessment, associated with the existing system of ownership of shares / stakes, control system.

  • Support of pre-trial and trial settlement of corporate disputes

When you need to protect your assets and business, resolve the conflict, highly qualified and experienced lawyers are ready to analyze the prospects for resolution of the dispute, to develop various options for protection, form a legal position on the case, to prepare the necessary procedural documents, as well as to carry out a complete and high-quality support of the proceedings in all courts at various levels.

  • Legal support of the creation of procedures, reorganization, liquidation of legal entities of various organizational and legal form, opening of representative offices and branches, including foreign organizations

Said area includes advising clients on the choice of legal forms to create legal entities, development of a complete set of documents for registration of legal entities, taking into account specifics of the business, under which will operate the newly created entity, preparation of recommendations for the reorganization and liquidation of legal entities, assessment of the consequences of such actions.

  • Advice on choosing the most appropriate corporate governance of companies and holding companies, support the processes of construction of the selected control system

Given the currently existing need in the creation of any business management system, suited to its peculiarities, Our lawyers are ready to evaluate the existing system in your company and, if necessary, make recommendations for improvement or change.

  • Advising on the protection of the rights of shareholders / participants of legal entities

In this area, we are ready to carry out activities to assess the violated rights, to assess the possibility of their recovery, develop recommendations on a process of redress, and, if necessary, carry out full support of action to protect the violated rights of pre-trial and court procedures.

  • Providing consulting services in the course of legal persons recognition of insolvency proceedings (bankrupts), support of bankruptcy procedures of legal entities from both debtors, and on the part of creditors

Said area comprises a full range of activities, the need for the commission which occurs in the framework of bankruptcy cases, including, advising both debtors, and creditors on the development of a variety of ways to protect the interests of, including from unscrupulous debtors / creditors, maintenance creditors and debtors in various stages of bankruptcy proceedings, preparation of the necessary procedural documents, conducting court cases challenging the debtor's transactions and the implementation of the Action, aimed at the return of the debtor's property.