Arbitrage practice

Lawyers with many years of jurisprudence carry out representation in courts of companies in the commercial and administrative courts (in t. no. appeals, appeal), as well as at the stage of execution of judgment.

Representing the interests of the client, we are committed to pre-trial settlement of disputes or a settlement agreement, that allows to save time and avoid costs, associated with a court decision problems.

Esli solution to the dispute without judicial intervention is not possible, either the trial already exists, we are in the judicial practice provide the following legal services:

  • Conflict resolution, including lawyers involved in the negotiation process with your contractors and business partners in conflict resolution and settlement of commercial disputes;
  • legal analysis of the court case and judicial practice, legal assessment of the risks and prospects of its proceedings in the courts with the latest changes of judicial practice;
  • representation in commercial and administrative courts on a wide range of legal issues;
  • Representation of interests and protection of rights at all stages of enforcement proceedings.
  • We have a successful judicial practice to protect the interests of our customers on a variety of categories such as property, and non-material, including disputes about debt collection , cancellation and invalidation of transactions, corporate disputes, challenging the actions and decisions of the state tax and customs services, contesting tenders and auctions, decisions of public authorities and local self-government, land disputes; for damages (actual damage and loss of profit), compensation for moral damage, to protect honor, dignity and business reputation, etc..

Judicial practice tried and tested by our lawyers in the areas of:

  • Administrative law and regulatory matters
  • Antitrust & Competition
  • Bankruptcy / insolvency
  • debt collection
  • Consumer protection / Liability for Product Quality
  • Intellectual property
  • commercial operations
  • Corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, securities
  • Taxation
  • The property
  • Environmental protection
  • privatization
  • Insurance
  • Labor Relations

Judicial practice has always been considered as one of the principal in our company. Because of this knowledge and experience, accumulated lawyer of the judicial practice of our company, It allows us to provide clients in the high-level court and a wide range of issues.

We will be glad to see you among our customers!